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How to Choose the Perfect Size Wall Art for Your Space

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Do your walls leave something to be desired? Are you thinking of giving your space a mini makeover? Well, it’s time to rediscover your inner creativity to renovate your home. We have made a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect wall art size; use this guide to give your space the ideal makeover it needs!

Correct sizing for displaying wall art alone or together:

  • Mini: Mini-sized wall art falls in the range of 10″ to 17.” Three to four pieces are usually hung together to bring a collective, united look.
  • Small: Sizes for small wall art range from 18″ to 59.” They go well in pairs or groups of three to six. They look best when placed above furniture pieces, small walls, and shelving.
  • Medium: Medium wall art sizes range from 24″ to 28.” These pieces can be hung alone or in groups.
  • Large: Large sized wall art are about 31″ to 39.” You can use them as a centerpiece with small pieces on either side.
  • Oversized: Oversized pieces are 39″ in length or greater. They can act as a focal point of a wall or a room.

Correct Size Based on the Wall
To enhance the look of your tall and narrow walls, use artwork of similar shape in portrait or landscape orientation. Horizontal wall spaces work best with landscape-oriented artwork. For overall wall space dimensions, a general rule is that artwork should take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall.

Different ways to display wall art:

  • Most bathroom walls cannot accommodate oversized art; decorate your bathroom walls with mini art pieces.
  • Most living rooms walls aren’t decorated with mini art, so choose oversized art or a group of mini art.
  • In a gallery wall, you can either hang groups of the same sized wall art or wall art of varying sizes together to create visual interest. 
  • Mantels works as a focal point; decorate the area with a large print or a series of framed artwork.
  • Use framed prints, sculptural pieces, and small plants to add interest on a shelf.

Placement Rules for Wall Art


Some general rules to be followed when hanging wall art:

  • Wall art hung above your sofa should not be more than two-thirds larger than the sofa. It should hang 6″ to 12″ above the sofa.

  • The distance of wall art should be 57″ to 60″ from the floor, at eye-level.

  • Photos should be hung minimum 10″ above the furniture’s edges.

  • Don’t try to fill a big place with a single art piece; instead, add small pieces in groups.

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