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Globally Inspired Decor Ideas

Globally Inspired Decor Ideas


Photo: Todd Trapani


Japan has a culture that dates back for millennia. Its mixture of old world tradition and constant modern technological advancement makes it a fascinating place to visit. The key to the Japanese interior design concept is known as “Ma” which is the intention to balance the available space that can be used on one side of space, and furniture and other objects, on the other side. Ma is used to maintain an uncluttered space to create a calm environment for home dwellers and visitors. One way to creat “Ma” in your home is to adorn your space with bonsai trees and goza mats to create a relaxing, zen-like environment.

  • Wall Decor: Japanese noren, Shibori wall art
  • Textiles: Shibori fabrics
  • Decorative Accessories: indoor fountain, bonsai tree, Shoji screens


Buddhism is one of the most significant influences on this Southeast Asian culture.  Create a tranquil atmosphere by incorporating fresh plants, flowers and peaceful objects like Buddha figurines. 

  • Wall Decor: Batik wall hanging
  • Textiles: Choose from  many weaving groups in Thai villages including Tai Lue and Mae Thita
  • Decorative Accents: Elephants figurines, lanterns, colorful ceramics, Buddha figurine

CLICK HERE to view our Thai inspired Buddha statuette. 


Photo: Florian Bernhardt


Located in North Africa, this diverse country has a rich cultural heritage that reflects Berber and Arab influences. Dars or Moroccan home exteriors are usually free of windows and decorations, with the exception of small openings used for stairways and service areas. The most opulent room inside the home is adorned with beautiful tile work, painted furniture, and lots of embroidered pillows and Moroccan rugs.

  • Wall Decor: Colorful tile work
  • Textiles: Pillows & Rugs in bold colors and abstract geometric designs
  • Decorative Accents: Colorful glass lamps, metal lanterns

CLICK HERE to view our beautiful Moroccan shag rug.

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