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How To Choose A Bold Rug that will Liven Your Space


It’s better not to overlook floors while decorating an area; a rug completes a room by visually tying all the different pieces together.  Interior experts usually suggest beginning to decorate a room by selecting the rugs to get an appropriate idea of the style. Along with the furniture and accessories, a rug can help anchor a room. A bold and captivating rug adds texture and warmth to any place. In addition to  offering comfort and visual appeal, rugs can also be used to divide and outline areas without using a traditional room divider.
Is it patterned or solid colored? Is it made of natural fiber or artificial? Whether to place under the furniture or in front of the couch? Which color and size to choose? These things determine the type of rug that will spark up your space by considering the layout of your room.

Below are some of the best tips to choose a bold rug to level up your space:

Multicolor Area Rug With Hexagon In Center
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Shapes and Sizes

To highlight a room’s overall shape, use a same shaped rug. Whether it’s round, rectangular, or square, a rug is great for defining spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a closed or open space; getting the correct size is vital. The size of your rug complements the furniture that you position on it. For example, a rug used in a dining room should be large enough to allow sufficient space even with chairs pulled out. Choose washable and durable materials that fit perfectly in your space.

Colors and Patterns

Light colors make space look more spacious while dark, vibrant colors help create a more intimate space. Try to mix and match the colors of accessories and decor with the rug. For the neutral walls and furniture, use a bright and patterned rug. But if your walls and accessories are colorful and bright, then opt for subtle, and harmonic patterns.

Navy Damask Area Rug Under White Faux Fur Bench

Choose Wisely If You Have Pets or Children

A rug for kids and pets should be resilient and beautiful. A bold patterned, rich colored rug is the ideal choice for homes with children and pets, as it will be forgiving of blemishes and smudges. Opt for natural fiber rugs like wool, because they feel great under feet and tend to release stains more swiftly than some synthetic material rugs. Children like to sit and play on the rugs, choose one with colorful graphics.

Celestial Multicolor Area Rug
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Stairway With Rug At Landing
Photo by Christa Grover

Place it in the Entryway

People usually consider bold area rugs too over the top. But staircases and other connecting areas are the best places to use bold and colorful patterns as we don’t dwell in these places for long periods. The rugs used in entryways, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and stairs should be bold and eye-catching. 

Rugs For The Bedroom

Effortlessly transform your bedroom by choosing a rug that perfectly complements the furniture and decor of your bedroom. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to clean a rug lying under the bed, so use runners or smaller rugs on either side of the bed. Make sure that they’re large enough to be under your feet when you get out of the bed on a cold night.

Rug In Center Of Room Surrounded By Two Orange Chairs
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Rugs For The Living Room

A rug defines a space, so before choosing a living room rug, make sure it fits your seating area by taking measurements. The size should be large enough to rest under the front legs of your sofa and chairs. Adding two accent color rugs can double the attractiveness of your living room.

If chosen well, a statement rug changes the feel of the whole space. The overall look of a traditional room can be transformed by adding a charming and stylish rug. There are numerous sizes and shapes of rugs available; it all depends on your choice and preferences. Along with changing the mood and look of a room, a rug provides practical benefits of warming your home and reducing noises.


Multicolor Paint Strokes Area Rug
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