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The OPEN Caravan™ collection will bring back memories of nostalgic scents and inspire you to journey to a new destination. Each 11 oz. vessel has a beautifully embellished label inspired by the candle’s namesake. The creamy-colored vegan coconut soy wax, blended with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils, will accent your décor scheme. The full-bodied fragrance that permeates your space has a burn time of 75-90 hours.

Lasting Fragrance

Highest quality fragrances that give you a full bodied scent experience that last the entire burn.

Eco Friendly

Made with eco-friendly soy coconut wax that contain no paraffins.

Hand Poured

Hand poured wax made in smaller batches with care.

Burn Time

Long lasting with longer burning times than our competitors.


Our Newest Addition


Imagine walking with your companion near the Eiffel Tower, The Seine River or The Louvre holding hands and sneaking sweet kisses. Lovers in Paris will trigger joyful memories and create a longing for those butterflies you get when you are with the one you love. This fragrance is a mystifying blend of  wood and sensual sweetness that will make your heart go pitter patter.

  • Top: Sandalwood and Bergamot
  • Middle: Tropical Fruits and Vanilla
  • Base: Caramel and Patchouli

Why Our Customers Love Us

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Lari Jiminez

This candle is everything! From it’s elegant packaging and enclosed message, to it’s pleasing, classy, sweet scent. Perfect for a special occasion or just to relax after a long day. I greatly recommend the Tara Laurent collection!

Jemima Louis

So as someone who adores both Brunch and Brooklyn I was very intrigued by their boozy brunch in Brooklyn candle. AND let me tell you this scent does not disappoint! It is not only fragrant but potent (in a great way); the scent goes a long way and does well after a long day at work or an easy breezy Sunday morning! Very happy customer over here!!!

Kristi Guglielmetti

Candles smell AMAZING great for gifts and also very professional!!

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