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7 Essential Elements of A Stylish Bar Cart


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A carefully designed bar cart can turn an empty and dull living room corner into the life of the party. An ideal bar cart lets you put your style on display and showcase your favorite spirits and glassware. There are innumerable ways to style a bar cart, and there is a long list of products that you use. Add character with vintage glassware, shakers, and decanters and finish the look with carefully selected decorative accents.

Bar Cart’s Styling Tips

  • Display some stylish and colorful drink ware on your bar cart to make it visually appealing. 
  • To give an extra touch, print out your signature cocktail recipe and display it on the cart. Your guests will love the idea.
  • Pair your bar cart with matching tools to give a sophisticated look.
  • Put snacks (nuts, dry fruits, salty crisps) and sweets (mini chocolate bars, candies) in your bar cart for munching.
  • Place a beautiful vase or some flowers to give a perfect finishing touch to your bar cart.

Express yourself

Add your personal style to the bar cart to show a spark of your personality. Do you love bold colors or are you more drawn toward black and whites? Is your style more nature-inspired? Do you prefer wine or are you more of a margarita person? 

1. Stylish Barware Tools

Barware consists of colorful and cute wine or shot glasses, handy straws (either sustainable or disposable), a classic stir spoon, a wooden muddler for a perfect mojito, a small hand juicer, bottle stopper, bottle opener and a strainer. A bar cart is incomplete without these items and tools can help enhance your bar cart’s overall beauty. Match the color of your bar cart with the glassware and even with the color of your accessories. This way, you can create visual unity.


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Gold Faceted Cocktail Shaker
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2. A Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is a must-have for shaking and blending the drinks. A stylish shaker can also act as an accent piece for the cart’s décor. There are three types of cocktail shakers: 

• Cobbler shakers

• Boston shakers

French shakers

Each one adds its own style to your bar cart and should be reflective of your personal style. 


3. Quality Liqueurs

Liqueurs may sound a bit fancy, but just by adding a few of your favorite spirits, you can make all kinds of basic and trendy cocktails. Rather than stocking up on every type of liquor, focus on having the must-have ingredients for your favorite cocktails.

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4. An Ice Bucket

For impromptu champagne parties or planned ones, an ice bucket is always helpful. An ice bucket prevents you from having to move to and fro, from the kitchen to the party area, just to get a drink. In addition to the visual appeal that an ice bucket brings, you can pour your guests chilled beer and wine.

5. A Few Cocktail Books

Cocktail books can make your bar cart look trendy. Add popular cocktail books like, The Joy of Mixology, The Drunken Botanist and Cocktail Codex to make a drink like a pro. They will also accent the other items on your bar cart by standing alone or being propped up against or below another decorative object. 

Mr. Boston'S Cocktail Book
Cocktail With Strawberries And Flowers
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6. Decorate With Flowers

A party bar cart is incomplete without fresh flowers. Whether it’s a vase or a bouquet of roses, flowers add freshness and calmness to the whole atmosphere by breaking up the hard surfaces and adding some softness. To enhance the charm, opt for a taller vase on the top shelf and a bouquet or two on the lower shelf of your bar cart, and as for flower selection, go for those options that you can also use to garnish your cocktails.

7. Add Fresh Ingredients

To add a pop of vibrant colors, place a bowl of fresh fruits on your bar cart. Various fruits are also used in many drinks like lemons, oranges, and limes. Add fruits that are not perishable, remain fresh for longer periods and are versatile in colors. Also, provide fresh mint for drinks by adding a bunch of leaves in a small jar with water to sustain freshness. 

Don’t limit yourself by using a bar cart to only serve drinks, when it can also be used for other decorating opportunities. Always thoughtfully place the decor.  Add a few, but not too many, pieces to accessorize your bar cart. There is a very thin line between brilliant design and a cluttered mess. By following these steps, you can make your bar cart interesting enough to keep your guest’s as focused on your styling skills as much as they are on the cocktails you make.  

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